CCPGM Pharmacy Fair Draws Crowd

Local pharmacies came together May 11 at Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg’s Fifth Annual Mecklenburg County Pharmacy Fair.

Held at CCPGM’s Charlotte headquarters, the event boasted attendance from 15 independent and CPESN pharmacies from across Mecklenburg and Union counties.

Nicole Banahene, a Clinic Relations Manager with N.C. MedAssist, said the event is always a great way for pharmacies to meet with medical professionals who are working with patients.

“We serve the uninsured across the state of North Carolina and this event gives us a chance to work with people who have one-on-one contact with patients. It helps us give the chance to show the services we offer and lets people hear about what we do,” Banahene said.

N.C. MedAssist is a non-profit pharmacy program that provides prescription medication, patient support, advocacy and other services to vulnerable or uninsured North Carolina residents.

“A lot of people offer low-cost medication, but if a person is on many medications it can still be a lot. They come to us if they need help with medication. Plus, we can help in those situations where if someone just needs ibuprofen, they don’t have to go to the ER to get it,” she said.

Chad Sandy, a provider advocate with Physicians Pharmacy Alliance, also attended the event. He spoke to CCPGM care managers about how his pharmacy services company helps patients with chronic conditions and complex therapy regimens.

“We’re a Medication Care Management program that helps reduce hospital readmission by 25 percent,” Sandy said. “We had a patient we worked with who had 200 medications. Now he is on eight and we helped put him on payment plans. We do a lot of good things, like helping patients with their adherence.”

He looks forward to CCPGM’s pharmacy fair each year.

“I love this event. It’s great to see other pharmacies and get everyone in the same room at the same time,” he said. “Everybody is very happy and appreciative of coming here and learning what we do and how we help patients. I just wish there was more of these.”

Natalie Anderson, a clinical pharmacist with Dilworth Drug, enjoys making connections within the local medical community.

“Our hope is we can help them help their patients. We want to work together to manage diseases. A big one for us is diabetes. Ideally we want to catch that before they get to the medication or insulin stage,” Anderson said. “We want to give patients the information they need because people don’t know enough. The goal is to take each patient and work with them on an individual basis.”

CCPGM Pharmacy and Orientation Program Coordinator Christina Wall was pleased with this year’s turnout and the variety among pharmacy attendees.

“This is always a good showcase for our pharmacies and their resources,” Wall said.

CCPGM also hosted the Second Annual Union County Pharmacy Fair days later on May 16 at the CMC Union Auditorium.


Christopher Sardelli, CCPGM Communications & Marketing Associate, (704) 512-2658