As a patient, who receives services from Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg (CCPGM) you have the RIGHT to:


  1. Ask for information about programs and services.
  2. Receive information that is easy to understand.
  3. Ask about our network staff and their qualifications.
  4. Be informed about any contract relationships.
  5. Make a decision not to participate in programs offered by CCPGM.
  6. Make a decision to stop participating in programs offered by CCPGM.
  7. Know the staff members that will provide your care management services.
  8. Know who to ask to change care managers.
  9. Have network staff support decisions that you make about your health care.
  10. Receive information about all care management-related services available to you, even if a service is not paid for by Medicaid.
  11. Discuss service options with your physicians and other medical providers.
  12. Have personal and medical information kept confidential.
  13. Be told who has access to your information.
  14. Know how CCPGM ensures security, privacy and confidentiality.
  15. Be treated with courtesy and respect by network staff.
  16. File complaints with CCPGM.
  17. Be instructed on how to file the complaint.
  18. Receive information such as the time frames for responding to and resolving any complaints.
  19. Complaints may be filed:
a. On-line by clicking the link below:

b. By phone at 704.512.5555; ask for the Complaint Coordinator.

c. In writing and mailed to:
Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg

Attn: Complaint Coordinator
4701 Hedgemore Drive, Suite 700
Charlotte, NC  28209


Patients receiving services from Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg have the responsibility to: 

  1.  Listen to the advice offered by network staff.
  2. Give staff correct and complete information so they can provide the right services.
  3. Notify CCPGM if they decide to stop participating in the program.