Building a successful community-based health care model requires a number of partnerships.  While the medical home is central to our approach to care management, in many situations not even the best-prepared medical home can effectively manage and coordinate care alone.

Working with our medical homes, CCPGM connects patients and their families with:

  • specialists
  • mental health providers,
  • hospitals
  • pharmacists
  • public health organizations
  • social service professionals
  • home health professionals.

Together they help to ensure effective coordination and communication across a patient’s full health care team.

CCPGM collaborates and connects with community organizations to share resources and execute care improvement initiatives. We partner to enhance the consumer’s access to appropriate community resources and facilitate care coordination with a holistic orientation.

Through coordinated efforts with community projects and initiatives such as HealthNet we are also able to serve the uninsured. Our integrated approach is a key component to our health care model and fills gaps in care as shown in the diagram below.