Q1: When will Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg (CCPGM) stop providing NPI numbers to practices?

A1: Monday, April 13, 2015

Q2: Why is CCPGM no longer providing NPI numbers?

A2:  CCPGM is redirecting its Customer Care resources toward more outreach efforts aimed at improving outcomes for the patients we serve together.

Q3: What options do practices have to obtain NPI numbers?

A3:  Call the practice where the patient is currently linked and ask for its NPI number. You can reference thepractice listed on the patient’s Medicaid Card although sometimes this is not current.

Go to the on-line National NPI Number Registry at  www.npinumberlookup.org or click HERE. Just enter the name of the practice in the “Last name/Entity” box. In the drop down menu select the State and click on “Search.” The NPI number will be shown on the left side of the screen, along with the practice’s state and zip code. Click on “details” for the practice’s contact information.

Q4: What happens if the practice we call will not give us its NPI number?

A4:   Submit an override form in NCTracks.  If an override is needed for a present or future date of service, call CSC at 800-688-6696. For past dates of service, use the CA Override Request Form available at
https://www.nctracks.nc.gov/content/public/providers/prior-approval.html.  or click HERE

Q5: Am I liable for the care of a patient if I give another practice my NPI number?

A5:  No. Giving another practice your NPI number only assures that the practice requesting your number will be paid for the care provided to a patient on a specific date.

Q6: Why is it important to give out my practice’s NPI number when another practice requests it?

A6:  Making your NPI number available to a requesting practice ensures that the patient receives prompt care and the provider can bill appropriately for the visit. If the patient is established in care with your practice, we encourage you to follow up with the patient to ensure continuity of care.

Q7: Will CCPGM continue to assist with linking patients to medical homes?

A7:  Yes. Linking patients to a medical home is the foundation of our health care model. We now have two DSS employees co-located at our main office, along with our Customer Service team to assist with this process.

Q8: What phone number should we call to assist with linking patients to our practice?

A8:   Please call our Customer Care line at 704.512.5555.

Q9: What other assistance can CCPGM’s Customer Care team provide to practices?

A9: The Customer Service team will continue to answer questions from providers and patients about:

  • Verification of eligibility
  • Type of coverage
  • Questions related to Medicaid
  • Connect to your care management team
Q10: Is there someone at CCPGM we can contact if we have any questions about NPI numbers?

A10: Yes, please contact our CCPGM Customer Care team at (704) 512-5555.