Resources for NPI Numbers After April 13, 2015

Since our program began in 2002, Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg’s (CCPGM) Customer Care Team has supported patients and providers by linking Medicaid recipients to medical homes, ensuring timely and quality care, in addition to:

  • Answering question related to Medicaid;
  • Confirming eligibility and type of coverage;
  • Giving NPI numbers.

Beginning April 13, 2015, we will no longer give out NPI numbers.  We are redirecting our Customer Care resources toward more outreach efforts aimed at improving outcomes of the patients we care for together. This outreach team will continue to be available for:

  • Linking patients to a primary care provider;
  • Answering questions from providers and patients related to eligibility and coverage;
  • Accepting referrals for care management.

Fortunately there are other readily available sources for NPI numbers that your practice can access. These include:

  1. Directly contacting the practice of the needed NPI number. If your practice is unable to get a referral from the patient’s PCP an override can be requested.   If an override is needed for a present or future date of service, call CSC at 800-688-6696. For past dates of service, use the CA Override Request Form available at or by clicking HERE
  2. The National NPI Number Registry. It offers an on-line lookup for NPI numbers at its website, or click HERE ;Giving your NPI number to a practice when they call ensures that the patient will receive prompt care and that the provider can bill appropriately for this visit.

We are letting you know now, about our plan to discontinue giving out NPI numbers as of April 13, 2015, to allow you time to determine the best way for your practice to access NPI numbers when needed.

If you have any questions please contact our CCPGM Customer Care team at (704) 512-5555.