Program Overview

In 2012, CHS’s Patient Experience Department partnered with Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg (CCPGM) to foster the placement of student interns at medical practices with high percentages of Medicaid and uninsured patients with unmet behavioral health needs. In line with emerging and best practices, CCPGM is committed to fostering the integration of primary care and behavioral health services within patient-centered medical homes to comprehensively meet the whole-person healthcare needs of Medicaid recipients.

ICTP originated under the leadership of Reverend David Carl, and Dr. James Pruitt, and was originally titled, Integrated Pastoral Psychotherapy Training Program (IPPTP). As IPPTP developed in the primary care medical setting, pastoral focus was deemphasized and the program evolved into Integrative Psychotherapy Training Program (IPTP).

Research has shown that integrating care of mental with physical health leads to improved patient outcomes. As such, a growing demand for integrated mental health workers is needed to work in medical settings. In addition, healthcare is challenged by soaring costs, poor patient experiences and outcomes (often due to navigating a fragmented system), and low provider satisfaction. To meet these challenges, IPTP pivoted and become the Integrated Care Training Program (ICTP) in 2016. ICTP trains aspiring and licensed clinicians to become integrated care workers to work with patients and medical providers in a treatment team approach. ICTP trains clinicians to become healthy behavior consultants, and psychotherapists. ICTP serves predominately underinsured, non-insures and Medicaid patients who suffer from complex medical and mental health illness.

ICTP  Internships

The Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg and graduate programs collaborate to offer internship placements of minimum of nine months, two days per week for 16 hours.

Mental and behavioral health graduate students (interns) working toward completing requirements of 750 hours of clinical practice, provide individual, group, and family therapeutic services under the supervision of licensed behavioral health professionals. Interns also participate in medical appointments with physician providers at specified sites. Each of the participating universities and graduate programs is accredited through the appropriate governing body.

Behavioral Health internships are integrative and holistic combining perspectives of medicine, psychotherapy, psychopathology, resiliency, growth and development, spirituality, as well as the use of self and the initial discovery of one’s own theory of psychotherapy. In addition to clinical supervision participants may draw upon consultation psychiatry, family medicine, health psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy.

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ICTP Residency

Post-graduate students who already have completed a psychotherapy internship and are pursuing licenses, certifications, or multiple credentials simultaneously may apply to the Integrated Care Training Program residency. These residency placements are also a minimum of nine months, two days per week for 16 hours. Residents have their supervision costs payed for in exchange for their clinical work.

Placement Locations

  • Biddle Point Family Practice
  • NorthPark Clinic
  • Myers Park Internal Medicine
  • Myers Park Pediatrics*
  • Elizabeth Family Medicine
  • Union County Health Department
  • C.W. Williams
  • Union Family Practice

*requires fluency in Spanish


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Application Process

The applicant must submit a formal application attaching the final evaluation(s) as well as other required materials. The formal application process included the following steps:

  • A screening interview with program administration
  • A screening interview with the respective placement site
  • CCPGM-mandated screening and orientation
  • Other orientations as deemed appropriate

Application Check List

  1. If applying for internship (not residency) confirmed university on reference list
  2. CHS Educational Affiliation Checklist (proof of completion) Resume; supervision experience; personal psychotherapy reflection
  3. Agree to work at least two days weekly at your assigned clinical site. Weekly requirements for practicum = 12 hours, or internship/residency = 16 hours
  4. Liability insurance
  5. Completed application forms


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