The NC Division of Medical Assistance, the NC Division of Public Health and Community Care of North Carolina have partnered together to offer a comprehensive, coordinated maternity care plan for North Carolina’s pregnant Medicaid patients. The Pregnancy Medical Home (PMH) Program was launched statewide in March 2011, and aims to improve birth outcomes in the Medicaid population through coordinated, evidence-based maternity care management for women at risk for poor birth outcomes.

Pregnancy Medical Home Practices

The program is an outcome-driven initiative monitored for specific performance standards. Prenatal care providers who participate receive financial incentives for risk screenings and evaluations, as well as ongoing support from their CCPGM Network and the Local Health Department.  In return, Pregnancy Medical Home practices agree to:

  • Complete a standardized risk screening on each pregnant Medicaid recipient in the practice
  • Coordinate the patient’s plan of care with the pregnancy care manager
  • Participate in medical records review related to quality improvement efforts
  • Eliminate elective deliveries before 39 weeks gestation
  • Offer and provide 17P (weekly injections to prevent preterm birth) to eligible patients
  • Achieve and maintain a cesarean section rate at or below 20%

Pregnancy Care Managers

Each Pregnancy Medical Home is assigned a Pregnancy Care Manager (a staff member from each county’s local health department) to work collaboratively with the practice. The role of the Pregnancy Care Manager will work directly with the pregnant woman, ensuring that care management services and support are offered to all Medicaid clients with priority risk factors.

Risk Screening Tools

Helpful tools for physicians and patients are available at the links below:

  • Click Here for the Pregnancy Risk Screening Form – English (revised Sept. 2013)
  • Click Here for the Pregnancy Risk Screening Form – Spanish (revised Sept. 2013)

Clinical guidance on management of conditions related to pregnancy will be posted on the PMH Pathways page.

For questions regarding this program, contact Lisa Tucker at 704-512-4609.